Almonds, spicy Spanish almonds

Anna potato stacks

Anchovy dip

Apple hearts

Artichoke, chargrilled

Asparagus wrapped with streaky bacon

Asparagus with basil and truffle mayo

Asparagus bundles

Asparagus on Jersey squares with herby mayo

Asparagus on roasted new potatoes 

Asparagus with crispy Parma ham

Asparagus, planted

Asparagus chilled soup

Aubergine, miso


Baba ganoush on lamb or dip


Basil and pine nut dip

Beetroot tart tartin

Beetroot wasabi


Beefburgers or cheeseburgers, mini sized

Beef empanadas

Beef kofta

Bresaola rolls

Broccoli and stilton boxes

Burrata in red peppers


Caprese, a miniature salad

Carrot cake

Carrots with feta

Cauliflower Dip, spicy

Cauliflower fritters

Cauliflower, roasted

Cheese and chilli biscuits

Cheese and onion pastries

Cheese, blue with sugared dates

Cheese croutons, puffed

Cheeseboard on a stick

Cheesecake, hazelnut

Cheesecake, savoury

Cheesecake, strawberry and pistachio

Chicken bites, with nuts

Chicken butter, roast chicken butter on pitta

Chicken, Cajun in red pepper cases

Chicken Caesar salad in croustades

Chicken, Coronation chicken tartlets

Chicken, Hoisin with cashews

Chicken, lemongrass chicken cakes

Chicken, salt and pepper

Chicken skins with herby ricotta

Chilli dip, mild

Chicory with roquefort

Chocolate and Guiness cakes

Chocolate brownies

Chorizo skewers

Chorizo tartlets

Choux puffs

Cod, miso

Cookies, Brunsli chocolate cookies

Corn fritters

Courgette cakes

Courgette rolls

Crab cakes

Crab in filo

Crab samosas

Crab with lime

Crackers with blue cheese dip

Crostini with hummus and salsa verde

Croissants with smoked salmon


Duck, Hoisin in filo cases

Duck spring rolls


Edamame with wasabi


Fig crostini

Figs in Parma ham



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