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Mini Chicken Caesar Salad

This is a mini-size version of Caesar Salad – everyone’s favourite – with the croustade acting as the crouton. It is quick and simple to make (can be made ahead of course) and I have added a few short cuts to make it even easier.

Waitrose stock ready made mini croustades (Rahms) and also from Waitrose is the Cardini’s Caesar dressing.

Ingredients - makes 12 croustades

4 slices white bread (ready sliced)

1 tbs melted butter

1 small chicken breast, poached

1 1/2 tbs Caesar dressing

3-4 romaine lettuce leaves

15gms celery, chopped into small pieces

5gms Parmesan cheese

Flat leaf parsley

salt and pepper

If making the croustades, you will also need mini muffin tins (available on Amazon)


To make the croustades:

Cut off the crusts and using a rolling pin, roll the slices of bread until thin (or you can also use a pasta machine here if you have one).

Cut out circles using a straight sided cutter (kitchen craft – Amazon stock them). The circles need to be slightly larger then the diameter of the mini muffin tins. I managed 3 out of each slice of bread.

Press the bread circles into the muffin tins, brush with melted butter and season.

Press another identical muffin tin on top and cook at 190 for about 10 minutes until golden brown. The cooked croustades will keep for several days in an airtight container.

For the filling:

Cut the cooked chicken breast into small dice and mix it into the Caesar dressing, together with the diced celery.

Cut out circles of the romaine lettuce to fit into the croustades and shave or finely cut the Parmesan into very small pieces.

Put a lettuce disc inside each croustades, a small spoonful of the chicken mix and top with the Parmesan shavings. Season and sprinkle over some finely chopped parsley.

The completed croustades can be made 4 hours ahead, store in a cool place. Alternatively, to make even further ahead, store the croustades until required.

Fill the lettuce discs separately, storing them, covered, in the fridge until needed.

Complete the canapé a couple of hours ahead.


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