Coronation chicken tartlets

These little tartlets are a mini and modern version of the recipe created for Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953. I guess filo, creme fraiche, ginger and coriander may not have been included then, nor curry paste. I have used some curry paste here, but not a great deal to allow all the flavours to shine through. Add some more if you like a stronger taste. Just multiply the recipe up for a full sized salad and serve each portion in an iceberg lettuce leaf for a smart presentation. Ingredients - makes 20 For the cases: Filo pastry (I get 20 cases out of one sheet) Melted butter or mild oil, such as grape seed oil or simply buy Rahms mini croustades, stocked by Waitrose For the filling: 50g

Strawberry and almond ricotta cakes

Still on a slightly Spanish theme, these little cakes are a lovely way to end a drinks party or a meal. The recipe can be easily multiplied to make slightly larger cakes or just one cake for an easy make ahead dessert. Ricotta is a mild Italian cheese, not Spanish of course (it is made from the whey left behind from the making of Mozzarella and other cheeses). But the almond base and topping does feels rather Spanish. Really though the authenticity doesn’t matter that much, they are just a great little cake. I hope you will agree. Ingredients 40g butter 45g caster sugar plus 1 tablespoon extra 1 egg 2 tsp cornflour 60g ground almonds 70g ricotta 1 tsp vanilla paste Zest of one lemon P

Padrón Peppers

We are in Spain and these lovely little bright green peppers are everywhere, both in restaurants and in the markets. They are also in the shops at home, so it will not be difficult to give them a try. Just drizzle a little olive oil over and throw them on the bbq or cook in a very hot griddle pan. I have been told one in ten is really fiery. I have eaten loads and haven’t tasted a seriously hot one yet, just a gentle warmth. It is quite good fun though, wondering if your luck has run out ...... So here is the recipe for a pre BBQ nibble. Perhaps not quite a canapé, but definitely quick and definitely popular. Add a few more Spanish delicacies such as some slices of Serrano ham and spi

Watermelon and Chorizo

While the weather is so hot, food needs to be quick and easy and this little canapé fits the bill. The entire process takes about 15 minutes, so there is no excuse not to give it a try and see what you think. Ingredients - makes 16 1 thick slice of watermelon 4 small sized cooking chorizo 16 small mint leaves Balsamic glaze 16 small bamboo sticks Method Slice the chorizo and cook in a dry pan until turning golden. I cut 4 circles out of each little sausage, discarding the ends. Cool on kitchen towel. While the chorizo cools, cut the watermelon into slices, about 1.5cms thick. Cut circles of melon similar in diameter to the chorizo (I used a small straight sided cutter - from Kitchen Cra

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