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17 Nov 2019

We went to a fun restaurant in Chelsea the other day called Sticks’n Sushi (definitely worth a try if you are in the London area, there are a few of them I think) and one of the many delicious dishes...

13 Nov 2019

This idea came from my neighbour Helen.  It is similar to the Crab with Limes but we have substituted the crab with prawns and added creamy avocado for extra yummy taste.  The lime slice creates...

3 Nov 2019

If you like tapenade, this recipe is very tasty and is great for vegetarians and vegans too.  I made it for guests last night and my harshest critic (my son) enjoyed several, so I can definitely say i...

28 Oct 2019

These deliciously aromatic Mediterranean Triangles will help brighten up your days, now the clocks have just gone back and it is dark and cold with winter just around the corner.  They are stuffed ful...

19 Oct 2019

This recipe was inspired by a visit to Romseys in Wendover, a lovely cafe near where we live.  While we sipped our coffee, we watched the chef or chocolatier, which is it? making delicious sweet thing...

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