Sweetcorn and Bacon tarts

There are still beautiful husks of sweetcorn in my local Waitrose, although for this recipe tinned, frozen or fresh sweetcorn are all fine, so this canapé is not seasonal at all. The sweet flavour of the corn with the saltiness of the bacon is a great combination and although I haven't yet tried it out, I think a veggie version of sweetcorn with maybe a bit more onion would be good too. I will update when I get round to doing it. So as usual, this is a great canapé for easy entertaining, just make ahead and reheat or, if you can spare the tins, pop the uncooked tarts in the freezer and cook from frozen. Make a larger version too for a delicious lunch. Ingredients - makes 18 (Preparation t

Vine ripened tomato salsa in croustades

The other day we had a lovely meal with friends and Elisabeth served these delicious croustades. They are a great idea, super simple and very tasty. The 2 main ingredients are straight from Waitrose, it is that easy. Just buy a pot of Waitrose Vine Ripened Tomato Salsa and a box of crunchy Rahms croustades. Spoon a little salsa in each croustade and serve - if you want to make these a little ahead, cut some circles of lettuce to line each croustade before adding the salsa (see picture below). And if you want to be a little creative, plonk a sprig of something green on top. Thank you again Elisabeth. Ingredients (Time taken to make 12 - less than 5 minutes) One box of Rahms Croustade,

Chorizo with hummus

We have recently had a fantastic time in Southern Spain, enjoying lots of wonderful meals, from a simple delicious Spanish omelette in a road side cafe to the most incredible vegetarian tasting menu in a Michelin starred restaurant in Ronda (Bardal). Definitely worth a visit if you are in Andalusia. However for me one of the most enduring tastes of Spain is chorizo and so I thought I would keep our holiday memories alive for a while longer with this chorizo and hummus canapé. Easy, make ahead and very flavourful. We will be enjoying these tonight with a glass of Rioja. Buen provecho. Ingredients 100 g chickpeas 1 tbs tahini 1 tbs olive oil 1 tbs lemon juice 1 tbsp chickpea water 0.25 ts

Watermelon and Cucumber Stacks

There was still lots of pickled watermelon rind left from last week's canapé, despite having added it to salads this week, so here is another recipe using this lovely little pickle. These stacks are fresh and flavourful, very easy to make and keep beautifully for several hours. Ingredients - can make loads, depending on how long you keep cutting the circles. 1 watermelon, preferably the unseeded variety 1 cucumber 1 pack mini Mozzarella cherries - from Waitrose, but they should be easy to find in most supermarkets Pickled watermelon rind (see method) Ingredients for the pickled watermelon 200g watermelon rind (see method) 150ml water 50g caster sugar 60ml white wine vinegar 2 tsp salt Pin

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