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Vine ripened tomato salsa in croustades

The other day we had a lovely meal with friends and Elisabeth served these delicious croustades. They are a great idea, super simple and very tasty. The 2 main ingredients are straight from Waitrose, it is that easy. Just buy a pot of Waitrose Vine Ripened Tomato Salsa and a box of crunchy Rahms croustades. Spoon a little salsa in each croustade and serve - if you want to make these a little ahead, cut some circles of lettuce to line each croustade before adding the salsa (see picture below). And if you want to be a little creative, plonk a sprig of something green on top. Thank you again Elisabeth.


(Time taken to make 12 - less than 5 minutes)

One box of Rahms Croustade, from Waitrose

1 pot Waitrose Vine Ripened Salsa

Optional: lettuce leaves and herb sprigs


Cut circles of lettuce larger than the circumference of the croustades (I use plain sided cutters from KitchenCraft, available in kitchen shops/departments and from Amazon).

Push the lettuces circles into the croustades, so that the bottom and sides are lined with lettuce.

Spoon a little salsa into each croustade and top with a tiny herb sprig.

If lettuce filled they will keep a couple of hours in a cool place, but not the fridge. Otherwise eat immediately.

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