Mediterranean Filo Triangles

These deliciously aromatic Mediterranean Triangles will help brighten up your days, now the clocks have just gone back and it is dark and cold with winter just around the corner. They are stuffed full of summer flavours - sun dried tomatoes, basil, pine nuts and feta, so that you can almost imagine you are sitting in a local restaurant in a far sunnier place. They are quick to make, so why not double up the recipe and make some for now and some for the freezer - then you can transport yourself to that sunny place whenever you feel the need. Ingredients - makes 20 80g baby spinach leaves 3 spring onions, chopped 2-3 sun dried tomatoes, depending on size, chopped 2 tbsp pine nuts 40g feta, cr

Amaretto Fudge

This recipe was inspired by a visit to Romseys in Wendover, a lovely cafe near where we live. While we sipped our coffee, we watched the chef or chocolatier, which is it? making delicious sweet things in the glass fronted kitchen. It all looked so irresistible that we felt compelled to order some of the handmade chocolates to have with our coffee and it was a good plan, they were wonderful. I totally recommend them if you are in the area. And so to the recipe: much more simple than the Romsey chocolates but just as delicious and definitely as irresistible. Have a go, they keep well, so can be made ahead, there is a bit of stirring involved, but it is still a pretty easy recipe. The on

Sardines in Kumquats

I was in the wonderful Fulham Greens shop again and managed to get some more kumquats. I get sooo excited when I see them. It's a shame they are not more readily available as they make such a good edible container for both sweet and savoury canapés, such as Fruit salad in Kumquats and Kumquats with Olive and Fennel. If you find some, make sure they are firm and unblemished and grab them, they will keep for 3 weeks or more in the fridge. In this recipe I have filled them with a herby sardine mix. I used Lusso Vita skinless and boneless sardines in olive oil, from Waitrose, but I am sure another good variety would work as well. It is such a quick and easy recipe and keeps well in the fridg

Cheesy Potato Skins

These stuffed potato skins are just delicious. They may not come first or even second in a beauty contest, but the flavour of the melted blue cheese inside the crunchy potato skins is definitely a winner. They are easy to make ahead and if you do not want to stuff the skins (which I think could be a big loss) the crunchy skins are really good used for dips as well. Even better, they can be scaled up to make a more filling bite, great for casual entertaining or, thinking ahead, to serve for November firework parties. Ingredients - makes approximately 24 500g small King Edward potatoes (this quantity will vary a bit, depending on potato sizes) 100g mashed potato (scooped out of the baked po

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