Roast Chicken Butter with Pitta Crisps

We were out the other night at a restaurant close to us, The Three Oaks at Gerrards Cross (definitely recommended it if you are local) and they served a delicious selection of breads with roast chicken butter ...... which got me thinking. A little dollop of this very more-ish treat on a crunchy baked pitta crisp makes a great canapé, very naughty, but very difficult to resist. The butter is also good spread straight onto a piece of bread or a cracker. See what you think. Ingredients 4 chicken thighs, skin on 1 garlic clove Fresh thyme Butter, at room temperature Pitta Olive oil Seasoning Method Heat oven to 190ºc. Cut the pitta in half and then slice each half open to make 4 flat pieces fro

Prawn and Corn Fritters

This recipe comes straight out of Ottolenghi’s Simple book. It’s a great book, full of interesting food that doesn’t take an age to put together. These little fritters fit into my ‘make ahead’ category as they can be made the day before and then reheated in the oven for 5 minutes. I made up just a quarter of the quantity to end up with just 10 little bites, the original recipe serves 6 as a starter - just multiply everything by 4 (give or take a gram or two) ..... like all Ottolenghi recipes they are delicious. Ingredients - makes 10 90g peeled king prawns, defrosted if frozen 35g sweetcorn, tinned or frozen, defrosted if frozen Large pinch of ground cumin (1/16 tsp to be exact) Large

Fruit salad in Kumquats

If you can get hold of some kumquats they make a lovely edible container for this lemongrass scented fruit salad. I found these in Waitrose and fruit and vegetable wholesalers will often have them as well. Kumquats are slightly tart, yet also sweet and similar to orange in flavour. They are the size of a large grape and both the skin and the flesh can be eaten, although for this recipe only the skin is used. They will keep in the fridge for two weeks or more, so if you see them, grab them to use later. They can also be used to make delicious jams, relishes and desserts or just as a garnish for sweet or savoury dishes, so they won't go to waste. Ingredients - makes 24 12 Kumquats 1 kiwi Ha

Spanish Almonds

Time was running very short this week as we hosted a canapé class with 6 new canapé recipes (on the website soon), so this recipe had to be extremely quick and extremely easy. These spicy roasted almonds make a delicious snack and are a great addition to the tapas recipes that have already been posted. I used a pack of Waitrose blanched almonds as that was all I had. It would be extra special if you can get hold of the Spanish Marcona almonds, and more authentic. Sadly that couldn’t be managed this week, but even using these poor relation almonds, it’s a pretty tasty nibble. Ingredients 1 100g pack blanched almonds 1 tsp olive oil Pinch ground cumin Pinch hot smoked paprika Pinch cayenn

Croute with herbed ricotta

These fresh herb topped croute are quick and easy to make and taste just like a tiny mouthful of spring. If you can get ficelle, the finger sized baguettes, they bake into a really crisp base, but baked circles of bread work almost as well (I couldn't get ficelle so the picture shows bread croute). To make them even easier, skip making the bases and buy a packet of ready made croute. Ingredients - makes 12 1 ficelle (mini baguette) or 3 slices of bread - gluten free works too. 1 tbsp olive oil Seasoning 2 tbsp ricotta 1 tsp finely chopped sage 1 tsp finely chopped thyme 1 tsp finely chopped parsley 0.5 tsp finely chopped chives 1 tsp finely chopped preserved lemon (I used Belazu) Seasonin

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