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Goats Cheese with Umeboshi

This little canapé can be thrown together in a flash, made ahead and is totally, mouthwateringly delicious.

If you haven’t tasted umeboshi before, you are in for a treat. Many Japanese start the day with one of these little salted plums. They are supposed to have many health benefits, including being a cure for hangovers. I am not sure I could manage one first thing, but the zingy flavour of a small piece on top of a slice of creamy goats cheese is a totally wonderful combination.

Ingredients - makes 10-12 1 goats cheese log (I used Soignon from Waitrose) 1 tbsp runny honey 2 tbsp chopped hazelnuts 2 umeboshi cut into small even sized pieces (Clearspring – Amazon stock them) Watercress, rocket or other small green leaves


Cut the ends from the cheese and roll the log in the honey, then in the nuts.

Cut the log into thin rounds. Blob a little honey on the top of each one and stick the leaf to it, followed by one or two small pieces of the umeboshi.

Can be made a few hours ahead. Store in the fridge, but bring out 30 minutes before serving.

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