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Harissa Prawns with a Bloody Mary

This canapé is a fun one for lovely summer entertaining, long may it last please. The recipe for the Bloody Mary will give you a mildly spicy and mildly alcoholic Bloody Mary, but it is really just a rough guide, so vary the quantities to suit. The harissa prawns are also wonderful on their own as a simple starter, just increase quantities and serve with some good bread to mop up the delicious sauce. This really is summer entertaining at its easiest.

Ingredients - makes 6 (depending on the size of the shot glasses)

300ml tomato juice

60ml vodka

1tsp lime juice

1tsp Worcestershire sauce

A few drops of Tabasco

1/2 tsp celery salt

6 raw king prawns (maybe cook an extra one to see how good they would be as a starter)

15ml harissa (mine was Belazu)

10g butter or oil

To serve

Celery stalk, cut into thin lengths of equal size

Shot glasses

Bamboo skewers



Pat the prawns dry and then mix them into the harissa paste. Leave to marinade for at least 3 hours.

Mix all the Bloody Mary ingredients together and chill.

Heat the butter or oil and gently cook the prawns.

Drain the prawns on kitchen towel and then skewer each prawn. They can be served warm or cold.

To serve, put an ice cube into each shot glass. Carefully pour the chilled tomato juice on top. Garnish with a small piece of celery and the skewered harissa prawn.

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