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Baby Pimms Lollies

It’s Wimbledon again, so if it’s not strawberries it has to be Pimms. These pocket-sized lollies are great for summer parties and they are so simple to make. Only 2 ingredients required (no prizes for guessing what they might be). Take a look and then get mixing.




Garnishes can include:

Fresh mint leaves, the smaller the better, or cut larger ones

Small strawberries, cut into small slices or quarters

Cucumber, peeled and finely sliced

Orange, remove all the tough pith

Ice lolly moulds


Make up the quantity of Pimms you need using 1 part Pimms to 3 parts lemonade. Pour carefully into the lolly moulds. Strawberry, cucumber, orange and mint can be added at this stage.

Freeze until firm.

Carefully remove the lollies from the moulds and enjoy the party (or the tennis).

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