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Smoked Salmon Cheesecakes

If you are still looking for another canapé for Christmas guests or even for a New Year party, this could be the one. It is quick, easy, delicious and freezes perfectly, in fact it has to be frozen. Simply mix the 7 cheesecake ingredients together, crush the biscuits and mix with melted butter for the base and freeze. That’s all there is. I have used little silicone petit four cases, but the paper petit four cases would work as well, just use one inside another for each cheesecake for added strength.

Ingredients - makes 12

60g mascarpone

30g smoked salmon, chopped

Zest half lemon

1 tsp dill chopped

1tsp lemon juice

1/2 tsp rinsed chopped capers


30g oatcakes

20g butter



Silicone petit four cases or paper cases


Mix the mascapone with the chopped smoked salmon, lemon zest, finely chopped dill, lemon juice, rinsed and chopped capers and season with black pepper.

Spoon or pipe the smoked salmon cream into silicone or double thickness paper petit four cases. Carefully smooth over the tops.

Crush the biscuits by putting them in a strong plastic bag and bashing them until they are become crumbs.

Melt the butter and stir in the crushed biscuits. Season and cool. Make sure the butter isn’t setting again though or the biscuits will not stick together well.

Spoon a layer of the biscuits over each little cheesecake, flatten the crumb topping and put in the fridge to set. Then freeze.

To serve, unmould the cheesecakes and allow to thaw for about an hour, but don’t let them become too soft or they will not be easy to pick up. Sprinkle with chopped chives and serve.

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