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Goats Cheese Croute

These little croutes are covered in chopped pine nuts to make them less absorbent. The bases can be made several days ahead and I often store the goats cheese topping, covered, on baking parchment, for 24 hours in the fridge. Then it just takes a moment to put the two together.

A set of straight sided cutters are needed for this recipe. Mine are made by Kitchen Craft and I ordered them through Amazon.

Ingredients - makes 12


2-3 slices white bread

2 tbs pine nuts, chopped

1tbs olive oil

Salt and Pepper


2 tbs Creamy goats cheese (I use Chavroux)

2 tbs chopped basil (carefully shredded rather than cut to avoid a mush)

Pink Peppercorns

Extra small basil leaves for decoration


Pre-heat the oven temperature to 190.

To make the croute, take a 3cms cutter and cut out circles from the bread. Lightly brush with olive oil and then press one side firmly into the pine nuts.

Season and place the circles on a baking sheet, cover with baking parchment and then place another baking sheet on top.

Cook for approximately 10 minutes until the underside is golden brown. Cool on a rack and store in an airtight container until required.

For the topping, shred the basil leaves and mix with the goats cheese. Season.

Spoon individual mounds onto the croute and decorate with a small basil leaf and a few pink peppercorns.

Store in a cool place, but not the fridge (can be done 2 hours ahead). Alternatively store the decorated cheese mounds as above.

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