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Baked Pitta Crisps

These little pitta crisps are a healthy nibble or are great to serve with dips such as:

Pitta can be kept in the freezer until needed and then the baked pitta are quick to make and will stay fresh for 2 or 3 days. Below is a selection of flavourings, but there are many other possibilities.



Pitta (Or Deli Kitchen Folded Flatbreads - see below

1 tbsp olive oil

0.25 tsp chilli powder

Pinch salt



1 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp sesame seeds

Salt and pepper



1 tbsp olive oil

Salt and pepper


Pitta (Or Deli Kitchen Folded Flatbreads- see below)

1 tbsp garlic infused olive oil

Salt and pepper


Heat the oven to 190°c.

Cut the pitta in half to form 2 pockets. Cut through each pocket. There will be a thin piece and a thicker piece.

Cut the thin piece into 6 or 8 rough triangle shapes

Cut or peel as much of the soft dough off the thicker piece of pitta and then cut that into 6 or 8 rough triangles.

Using a pastry brush, cover each pitta triangle with the flavoured oil of your choice. Season well.

Cook on a baking sheet for 3 or 4 minutes until crispy. The thicker pieces will need a minute or two longer.

Cool on a cake rack and when completely cold, store in an airtight container.

Since I published the above post I have been introduced to Deli Kitchen Folded Flatbreads - a far easier option. Just brush them with olive oil on both sides, season and cut into the shapes you want. Place on a baking sheet and cook at 190c for approximately 6 minutes, until they are golden. Cool them on a cake rack as above. They crisp as they cool.

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