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Pickled Radishes with Goats' Cheese or Whipped Feta

If you haven't tasted them before, pickled radishes are worth trying. They are crunchy and zingy, a flavour explosion in your mouth. Filled with creamy goats' cheese or whipped feta they make a great canapé. Just left as a plain pickled radish, they are brilliant with cured or smoked salmon or on a charcuterie platter. Quick and easy, they are a real winner.

Ingredients - makes 12

12 even sized radishes

30g caster sugar

60ml white wine vinegar

60ml water

0.25 tsp salt

1 small red chilli

30g feta

15g cream cheese


Small piece of cucumber


Firstly pickle the radishes: heat the sugar, vinegar and 60ml water to dissolve the sugar. Cool.

Scoop out the centres of the radishes, using a very small spoon or a small scoop. Level off the bottoms of the radishes so that they sit flat.

Immerse the radishes in the pickling solution. Cut the chilli in half lengthwise and add it to the pickling solution. Leave for at least 3 hours, or overnight.

To make the whipped feta: process the feta cheese in a food processor until it is smooth (this will take around 3 or 4 minutes). Add the cream cheese and process until they are mixed together. Alternatively, just use creamy goats' cheese on its own.

Drain the radishes on kitchen towel, making sure they are as dry as possible. Fill each radish generously with the whipped feta or goats' cheese (Either pipe it or use a small spoon).

Cut the cucumber into small cubes (keep the skin on for the colour) and place a few cubes of cucumber and a sprig of dill on each radish.

Season to taste and store in the fridge (for up to 4 hours) or serve immediately.

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