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Cheeseboard on a stick

This easy recipe came about because we just love membrillo paste (or quince). Combining a piece of fruity quince with a little nugget of Manchego*, some dried apple and a crunchy walnut or pecan was an inspired move. Why not give it a try - it’s easy to make, very delicious and totally irresistible.

*Note: There are many cheeses suitable for vegetarians - click here for some suggestions.


Waxy cheese, Manchego, Gouda, Comte etc

Membrillo paste (quince) - mine was from Waitrose. Don’t buy quince jam as it will not cut into circles.

Pecan nuts or walnuts

Dried apple pieces


Cut small circles of the cheese and quince (I used a plain sided cutter from Kitchen Kraft, stocked by Amazon). Or cut small squares.

Neaten up the nuts to make them a similar size to the cheese and quince. Pierce each nut with a thick needle, a very fine metal skewer or a cocktail stick. I found pecan nuts were slightly softer and were easier to pierce.

Thread the ingredients onto a bamboo stick with the apple first in a sail-like shape (see picture above) and finish with the cheese to give a firm base.

This canapé keeps happily in a cool place for several hours.

Keeps happily in a cool place for several hours.

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