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Bresaola Rolls

We are away in France for a few days staying in a lovely farmhouse, so canapés need to be even quicker and easier than usual. I hoped I might be able to get some fresh figs or some baby peppers, but I was unlucky in my search. Fortunately a pack of bresaola, air-dried salted beef, came to the rescue. Any salad or crunchy vegetables can be used and using a cream cheese helps the rolls stay put. I left them in the fridge overnight and they were fine, but they are so quick to put together, making them ahead is hardly necessary.


1 pack bresaola 40 gms cream cheese A small handful of rocket Red pepper, halved, seeds and core removed and finely sliced 1 lemon, zested 1 tbsp chopped parsley Salt and pepper


Carefully open out the bresaola slices. Mix the cream cheese with the chopped parsley. Spread over each bresaola slice, covering 2/3rds of each slice. Sprinkle a generous amount of lemon zest over and season to taste.

Scatter a few sprigs of rocket over the bresaola, ensuring that some will poke out of the top of the slice. Finally add 2 or 3 fine strips of red pepper, also let them poke out.

Roll up and sit on a serving platter seam side down. Either serve immediately or cover with cling film and refrigerate until ready to serve. They can be stored in the fridge for several hours. Take out of the fridge 30 minutes before serving.

I tried using a French Comte cheese as well, but the cream cheese definitely gives better and neater rolls and we preferred the taste, but either cheeses do work.

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