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Asparagus with Crispy Parma Ham

Just back from a wonderful few days in San Sebastián so full of foodie ideas, but there’s not much time today, so this canapé had to be extra extra quick. Yes it’s another asparagus canapé, but it is still very much in season. Also, whilst it can be conventionally cooked under a grill, it is a brilliant one for the BBQ.

Ingredients - makes 12

One bunch of asparagus

6 slices of Parma ham

Olive oil


Mayonnaise (flavoured to taste)


Wash the asparagus and steam for about 1.5 minutes so that it is just cooked, but still firm. Dry carefully and cut each spear in half and season.

Cut each slice of Parma ham into 2 or 3 strips, cutting horizontally.

Wrap two pieces of asparagus (a top and bottom) in each strip of Parma ham. Leave the top of the asparagus uncovered, but twist the ham round the remainder of the asparagus.

When ready to eat, drizzle with a little olive oil. Cook either under the grill or on the BBQ for a few minutes until the Parma ham crisps.

Serve with a bowl of mayonnaise, shop bought or home made, plain or flavoured as you prefer. Lemon zest or juice or a little garlic work well.

To serve this as a starter, leave the asparagus spears whole and wrap 2 in each piece of Parma ham. Cook as above and serve 3 per person each with an individual bowl of mayonnaise.

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