Cajun chicken

This recipe is based on a quick family supper we all enjoy*. The canapé version here misses out the guacamole from the original recipe - to keep it simple - but the red pepper and chicken could easily have a sprinkle of tiny avocado cubes on the top. Chopsticks can be used to pick them up but you could also serve the canapé on spoons or, failing that, hand out napkins. * full recipe for Cajun chicken supper at bottom of this page Ingredients (makes 12) 2 red peppers 100 gm chicken breast 1tbs olive oil 1 tsp Cajun seasoning 1 tsp sesame seeds Seasoning Optional extras: Chopped parsley Tiny cubes of avocado dipped in lime juice Equipment: Mini tartlet tins Plain round cutter, similar in diam

Pumpkin fritters

My lovely neighbour Carmel came up with this pumpkin idea for Halloween. It's a fluffy pumpkin fritter that her grandmother used to make for her back in her homeland, South Africa. There they are known as Pampoen koekies and are made larger than these ones and served for breakfast or tea. This canapé version can either be served sweet ,sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, or with a spoonful of bacon jam on top. They might not look that pretty, but they taste good and they are for Halloween after all. Ingredients - makes approximately 30 small fritters 250gm cooked pumpkin (a tin of pumpkin purée is the easiest option, but I had a fresh pumpkin) 1 tsp ground cinnamon (plus extra to sprinkle)

Salt and pepper chicken

Another recipe inspired by our Asian trip, when it was served complete with the head and feet. Salt and pepper chicken is full of amazing flavours. Baked in the oven for ease (and to prevent the smell of frying), this canapé will definitely go down well with your guests. Simply increase the quantities for an easy supper, served with rice and some pak choi or broccoli . Ingredients - makes about 16 depending on the size of the thighs. 2 filleted skinless chicken thighs For the marinade: 25 gms grated ginger 1 green Thai chilli, chopped 1 chopped garlic clove 1/4 tsp salt 1/4 tsp ground black pepper 10 ml lemon juice 1 tbsp vegetable oil For the crumb coating: 2 slices dry white bread made

Noodle salad

This recipe looks good and when you have mastered the noodle twirling (it's not that hard once you get going) it is all very easy and very make ahead. There are plenty of zingy flavours in this canapé, so simply miss out the prawns for a vegetarian version and if you like extra zing, just tweak the dressing or add more chilli. The same quantities will make a delicious and very healthy salad for one. Just chop everything a little bigger. Ingredients - makes approximately 24 I nest of dried medium Noodles (mine weighed 60g) 1 tsp Sesame oil 1 tbsp finely chopped coriander 1 tbsp finely chopped mint 1 small carrot (it won't all be used) Cucumber - ridge has more crunch and flavour if available,

Baby hasslebacks

This little canapé is great for casual entertaining. With a strong blue cheese it has a yummy bite to it and the nuts add a satisfying crunch that everyone seems to like. Using toaster tongs for cutting the potatoes was a eureka moment and really speeds up the prep. Why not give it a go? Ingredients - makes 16 16 evenly sized mouthful-sized potatoes (they can be large mouthfuls) Olive oil Salt and pepper 1 tbsp chopped hazelnuts (buy them ready chopped for speed) 50 g blue cheese at room temperature. Stilton can be a vegetarian option. Method Wash the potatoes and make even slits across each one. Using wooden toaster tongs to hold the potatoes in place really helps, see picture. Rub with oli

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