Tiny Florentines

I spent ages trying to get a small size florentine from a delicious recipe given to me by a friend. I got there in the end. Sweet canapés are a great way to finish off a fabulous meal. They are equally delicious after cheeses at the end of a meal and make great gifts, piled up in little clear bags, tied with red ribbon. Ingredients - makes 36 25gms caster sugar 75gms unsalted butter 15gms plain flour 45 mls double cream 100gms chopped nuts 50gms glacé cherries, chopped 50gms mixed peel 50 gms chocolate (dark, milk or white) Method Heat oven to 190. Grease a mini tartlet tin. Melt butter and slowly add sugar. Heat until sugar dissolves. Add flour and slowly add cream. Bring to boil and stir

Stylish Smoked Salmon on Rye

A stunning canapé that never fails to impress. Serve with cool bubbles and this canapé exudes sophistication and style. Rye bread is a great base as it delivers a delicious bite with the smoothness of the salmon and cucumber. Finish off with a slice of caperberry and your guests will be reaching for more. These are simple to produce and can be made several hours ahead so you can relax and enjoy the party. You will need a set of straight sided round cutters for this recipe. As mentioned previously, mine are by Kitchen Craft and are available from Amazon. Ingredients 1 loaf Rye bread (I used a thin sliced variety) 100 gms smoked salmon 1 cucumber (the ridge variety are more flavourful if av

Goats Cheese Croute

These little croutes are covered in chopped pine nuts to make them less absorbent. The bases can be made several days ahead and I often store the goats cheese topping, covered, on baking parchment, for 24 hours in the fridge. Then it just takes a moment to put the two together. A set of straight sided cutters are needed for this recipe. Mine are made by Kitchen Craft and I ordered them through Amazon. Ingredients - makes 12 FOR THE CROUTE 2-3 slices white bread 2 tbs pine nuts, chopped 1tbs olive oil Salt and Pepper FOR THE GOATS CHEESE TOPPING 2 tbs Creamy goats cheese (I use Chavroux) 2 tbs chopped basil (carefully shredded rather than cut to avoid a mush) Pink Peppercorns Extra small basi

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